Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Get it for way less - Christian Siriano Blouse

Did anyone else catch the fabulous Christian on last week's Ugly Betty episode? The Project Runway diva brought his fierce flavour to the show along with his amazing designs.

Not only the models were outfitted in Siriano creations however, as he also custom designed the outfit Amanda (played by Becki Newton) wore for the episode.

I had to stream this episode online as I missed it when it showed on T.V. When Amanda appeared for the first time, I kept rewinding it to look at that gorgeous blouse she was wearing!

This black, ruffled, puff sleeved beauty is now being auctioned off on the Clothes off our back website where the bid is now at US$550.

I don't think there's a girl on this planet who wouldn't love to own this blouse (there probably is but for exaggeration purposes...). Unfortunately, not all of us can afford it and the bids are only going to get higher.

Luckily, I found a similar, much less expensive blouse online at

It costs US$69 and of course it's not nearly as gorgeous as Christian's but for the price, it doesn't do too badly at all.

Obviously there are a few differences such as the fact that there are no ruffles at the neck and this one is short sleeved as opposed to Christian's long sleeved version. If this a problem, maybe wearing them with long black arm bands might work to complete the look.

Other than that, I think it looks pretty close.


Ambrosiality said...

I saw that episode!!! it was FIERCE!!! lol

most of Amanda's clothes are hot!!! I'd marry her closet. hmm I'd def. check out the Bebe version, thanks.

Sam said...

I loved that episode and her outfit was amazing!
Would you like to link??

Lil Midget said...

Whoa. Newton's blouse is amazing! I love how Siriano add skin tight sleeves after the ruffles..Fantastic!
And the blouse you found is gorgeous too! xo

Danz said...

Yeah I love the tight sleeves as well, I wish the Bebe one had them :(

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo thanks for the tip! Christian's shirt is gorgeous, but I'm quite impressed by the Bebe replica. Lovely!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Danz! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This version by Bebe, is cute-at least with short sleeves you can add to it to make it long, so makes it doubly versatile!!

vogued out!!! said...

link exchange would be cool