Monday, June 29, 2009

Fashion Inspiration - Michael Jackson

During his lifetime, Michael Jackson was a man of many extraordinary talents. People around the world grew up listening to his music on the radio, and marvelling at his videos on television; now that he has passed, many feel like they have lost a beloved lifelong friend.

For 39 years, his music was there when they celebrated special occasions and helped to comfort them during difficult times. In turn, they witnessed both his accomplishments and his controversies; his strengths and his weaknesses. He was an enigmatic public figure who influenced the world in many ways, especially through his music, dancing and style.

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Since this is a fashion blog, I think the best way for me to pay tribute to Michael Jackson is to dedicate this post to his style which was just as creative, fearless and iconic as his music and dancing.

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It is clear to see that over the years, MJ's unique, unforgettable style has had a big influence on both menswear and womenswear. His clothing choices - particularly during the '80s and '90s - usually included heavy embellishments (sequins, beads, military-inspired decorations), metallic fabrics and hardware, bold prints and colour combinations (black, white and red were preferred colours), dark aviator sunglasses and a snazzy fedora hat.

Though he was only 50 when he died, Michael Jackson managed to achieve an astounding entertainment career and his legacy as the 'King of Pop' will continue to live on in our hearts and minds.

Below are some thrilling yet affordable MJ-inspired clothing and accessories.

Therapy Denim Waistcoat
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ASOS Silver High Shine Leggings
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Zebra Trim Fedora
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Moschino Jeans
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Float like a Fashionable Butterfly

Butterflies are exquisite, beautiful creatures and the butterfly motif is a perfect addition to the summer wardrobe. The butterfly is symbolic of many good things to various people such as love, freedom, rebirth, and good luck - all great things to feel and experience when summer comes around.

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When it comes to fashion, the butterfly motif can be interpreted in ways that caters either to those with extravagant tastes or those who prefer things a bit more subtle.

For me, the allure of the butterfly is in the subtlety of its thin delicate wings, the eye-catching designs and colours on its wings and the graceful, playful way it flies through the air. Any fashion piece that I wear which features the butterfly's likeness should reflect these qualities.

On the other hand, Mariah Carey, who is well known for her butterfly obsession, simply prefers her butterflies shiny and bedazzled.

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My feelings towards butterflies haven't ventured into obsession zone but I definitely have a love for them. When I was a child, there was an area behind my house where an abundance of gorgeous butterflies would gather and I would spend long hours observing and playing with them. Unfortunately, this area was cleared some time later and I haven't seen such a large group of butterflies since. In fact, I'm lucky if I even see one. Butterflies are much like rainbows for me. They are such amazing, lovely creations that I rarely get the chance to see, so I can't help but smile and feel a sense of happiness when I do.

The pretty and playful butterfly motif was featured in the Spring/Summer 09 collections of designers like Badgley Mischka, Collette Dinnigan and Diane von Furstenburg (below).

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These two ladies (below) who attended this year's Royal Ascot races proudly displayed their love for butterflies where everyone could easily see it - on their heads.

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Below are some cute, stylish butterfly options that will have you set for the summer.

Butterfly Belt
Price: UK£15.00 (US$24.63)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Edged Out

The edgy styles of 2009 are a modern take on 80s rocker and 90s grunge looks. They're daring, striking and full of sexy attitude!

These edgy looks usually consists of things like leather, fringe, metal jewelry and embellishments, ripped fabric, faded denim, graphic patterns and both body conscious and loose-fitting clothing.

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With looks this bold, particularly if it's not your usual style, doing too much at once may end up looking a little too contrived so it's important to do it in moderation.

If you want to do say, three pieces at once, one of them can be a major statement piece while making the other two more subtle.
Or perhaps every piece can be somewhat subtle but they work together to make one attention-grabbing outfit.

When you have found a style that works for you, you can then try to experiment with some more adventurous looks.

If you're looking to edge up your wardrobe, here are some cool, affordable pieces I found:

Warehouse Fringed Longline Vest
Price: UK
£40.00 (US$67.40)

H81 Electric Pole Tank
Price: US$10.90

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm back!

Hey everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. Oh, how I've missed you and this blog.

I have finally completed my degree and it feels so good to be free. My final exhibition went well; I received great feedback from the people who viewed it. It was such a challenging experience trying to get everything finished in time because I had some major setbacks along the way, but I made it through.
Thanks to everyone who offered their support and encouragement, I really appreciate it.

My major project was a lifestyle brand for girls around ages five to ten, based on different aspects of my country Barbados. It was comprised of products, packaging and advertising. My minor project, on the other hand, was a weekly style inspiration magazine and shopping guide for young women around mid-teens to 20s. Unfortunately, I can't show any pictures of my major project at this time because of copyright issues (sorry!) but I've posted some photos below of some of the outfits I styled from the magazine.

I tried to create an interesting and diverse set of outfits that looked natural; I didn't want the photos or the outfits to look too 'perfect' or forced. Tell me what you think!

In the time I've been gone, I feel like the fashion world has moved on and left me behind. I have had little to no time to check up on what's been happening but I will do my best to get back on track now.

What fashion trends/news are you excited about at the moment?