Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did It Myself: Studded Shoes

I love to DIY - sometimes it's really the best way to get what you want for very little cost. I've shared a few photos of past projects, but this is my first DIY post.

The subject for this post is this quite average looking, $30 pair of shoes that I bought to wear to work for a few weeks last summer. I would've loved to have gotten something nicer but these were all I could get in my size at the time. Since then, I've hardly worn them and they've been sitting in the back of my closet, catching dust.

Usually if I have clothes that aren't being worn, I either sell them, give them away or reconstruct them. I got the idea to revamp these shoes with studs earlier on in the summer from these amazing Christian Louboutin Ariella boots (below), but it completely slipped my mind.

However, the idea resurfaced in my brain when I spotted these Colin Stuart Studded booties (below) that are becoming very popular with fashion bloggers everywhere, and the Newport News lace-up boots which are featured two posts below.

So yesterday I went to a craft store in town and bought some studs, 120 to be exact, which I estimated would be just about enough to cover both shoes. Once again, my crappy math skills failed me as I actually only ended up using 40 to cover only the back and side of both shoes.

I decided to go with less-flashy looking studs so I used these long-pronged, circular studs that have a kind of dull, brassy colour. I figured if I used studs that were too shiny, they would probably look out of place on the shoes.

I pressed a stud into the shoe to mark where I wanted it to go then I used a stencil knife to further punch a hole through the material. When the hole was punched, I stuck the stud through it and used a needle-nose pliers to bend the stud teeth as flat as possible to the inside of the shoe.

I just repeated that process for the other 39 studs until I was finally finished!

One word of advice if you do this though - do NOT attempt to put in all the studs without stopping to give your fingers a break. They will be very sore and swollen the next mine are right now :(

I'm also wondering if I should cover the whole shoe in studs. There's a risk in messing up the whole thing because there isn't much space at the front of the shoe to manoeuvre my hands so I may not be able to get the studs to go in the way I want. Secondly, I'm not sure if the all-over studded look suits this style of shoe and lastly, my fingers are desperately pleading with me not to!

What do you think? Should I give it a shot and cover these shoes in studs or should I leave them as they are?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beauty of Geek

Ain't it funny how things turn around?

The historically unpopular geek style is now the look that everyone wants to rock. Stylish men and women everywhere are putting aside their fancy designer glasses in favour of the once uncool nerdy spectacles. They're updating in their glamorous wardrobes to include geek-inspired items like bow ties, striped cardigans and sweater vests.

I really don't like assigning titles to people, but many geeks actually don't mind being called this and some see it as a great thing that should be fully embraced. Really, what's so wrong with wanting to learn more about stuff like technology and sciences and finding sci-fi films and comics entertaining? What makes the things that geeks like any less interesting or socially acceptable than the things that the so-called cool people like?

I think it's fantastic that there are some people in this world that are more concerned about advancing their knowledge and skills in areas that interest them rather than spending every waking moment of their lives trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Society changes its mind all the time so don't waste your time trying to conform.

So are you ready to show your love for all things geek? Check out these really cool items below.

(Click on name of the item to go to product page.)

Cat-5 Bracelet
Price: US$15.00

Circuit Board Necklace
Price: US$19.99

The Lego Ring
Price: US$28.00

Monday, August 25, 2008

Heel of Contrast

Looking for funky, fabulous footwear for fall? Well, I got just the thing for you.

Contrast heel shoes.

They're basically shoes with a heel that has an unexpected color, pattern, finish or embellishment such as studs.

A neutral tone shoe is usually the best way to play off this kind of heel because it emphasizes the contrast and results in an even bigger, fiercer surprise.

Here are a few gorgeous contrast heel shoes that may help to satisfy your footwear cravings.

ASOS Leather Cut Out Round Toe Shoe
Price: UK
£27.00 (US$50.22)

Lace-up Shoe Boot
Price: US$39.00

CZ-3 Patent Peeptoe
Price: US$27.80


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

15% discount at Lulu*s Fashion Lounge for Labor Day!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool Vintage Finds - Sparkle Sequins!

Like a magpie, I have always been drawn to shiny materials and sequins are definitely at the top of the list.

Sequins are the perfect hybrid of two big trends for fall, metallics and textured fabrics. They have been featured heavily on many Fall 2008 runways including Preen, Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane and Zac Posen.

photo courtesy

The word sequin actually comes from the Arabic sikka which means coin or die. Monetary sequins were first produced in Venice in 1284 where they were known as zecchino. The French changed the Venetian spelling to sequin and this is the form used in English. Sequins were also introduced as the unit of currency in Turkey since 1478 and in Malta in 1535. Today however, sequin coins are no longer being produced or circulated in these countries.

Below is a photo of the Venetian zecchino.

photo courtesy

The custom of using sequin coins as embellishment first began with wealthy families who would sew the coins onto their clothing as a proud display of their affluence.

The disk-shaped beads that are used on clothing today have nothing more than decorative value however. Sequinned clothing has been worn by many people around the world including various, well-known female entertainers.

Below are Edna May in 1890, Joan Crawford in 1934, Elizabeth Taylor in 1967 and Cher, possibly the most avid sequin wearer of all, in 1972.

photos courtesy

Below are some great vintage sequinned items guaranteed to bring some sparkle into your life and wardrobe!

Sequin Ballet Dress
Price: US$36.00

Seller Description:

This quirky little party dress combines two great details; floral and sequin. Fitted bodice with a float away circle skirt, its perfect with flats or heels. V-neck in front and back, fully lined and totally cute. This dress does have some small spots with missing sequin, however, I secured the sequin around the areas to prevent further loss. Its an XS according to the label but can fit a small-chest SM. Absolutely adorable.

Great condition

Wine, violet, gold & hunter floral on black background. Clear sequin overlay.

Size: XS

100% Polyester

bust: 32"
waste: 25"
hips: 47"
length: 33.5"
circumference of hem: 60"

Get this dress.

Rock and Roll All Night - Black Sequin Heels - Size 7
Price: US$25.00

Seller Description:

For your resident minx, check out these absolutely spectacular Italian Maserati heels. Size 7, though would fit a smaller 7.5 narrow as well.

Completely black sequined with gold beaded swirl design with the exception of the 3" heel which is straight black. There is some interior peeling but the exterior is flawless.

Pert, sassy and shockingly cute on your feet.

Get these shoes.

Vintage 80s White Sequins Vest
Price: US$25.00

Seller Description:

Vintage 80s white SEQUINS vest

Great vintage condition(except for 3 sequins that have some black scratches on them-in last picture)


approx. size: one size
chest: 20"
waist: 20"
hips: 21"
total length: 25"

Get this vest.

Vintage 1950's Ladies' Headband Hat, Pink Sequins
Starting Bid: US$4.99

Seller Description:

Super little sequin headband hat from the 1950's. Perhaps was a bridesmaid's or prom headpiece. Light pink, slightly iridescent sequins stitched onto a criss-cross wire form (wire is covered with a white fabric) makes it flexible to fit any head. About 2¾" wide at top center, measures 13¼" end-to-end. Some of the sequins show just a tiny bit of wear, but not visible unless scrutinized closeup. Some slight wear on inside edge, at the ends where there is white fabric covering the wires. Still, overall very nice condition!

AUCTION END: Aug-25-08 16:40:30 PDT (5 days 7 hours)

Get this headband.

Vintage Fab 80s Sequin Stretch Belt
Price: US$6.00

Seller Description:

***Was $9, now on sale for $6.***

Royal blue sequin stretchy belt with gold-tone hook closure. No size indicated. Belt measures 23" unstretched and will stretch up to about 34".

Great vintage/pre-loved condition.

Get this belt.

Vintage Mexican Hand Painted Matadors Sequin Skirt
Starting Bid: US$49.99

Seller Description:

Vintage Mexican handpainted skirt from the 1950's that has a stunning Matador and Bull fight scene on it! Also the waist is XS which seems to be hard to come by with some of these skirt..the material is a classic canvas backed black velvet with multi-colored fight scenes.

There is some slight wear to the velvet on the waist (rubbed off a bit), some slight cracking in paint which is indicative to age, and the has 95% of the sequins.

MEASUREMENTS: up to 25" waist, free hips, about 140" diameter, and 27" length.

AUCTION END: Aug-26-08 18:46:00 PDT (6 days 10 hours)

Get this skirt.

Vintage Pocketbook, Clutch, American Sequins, La Regale
Starting Bid: US$9.99

Seller Description:

You are bidding on a vintage purse manufactured in China using American sequins. It measures 9 X 4.5 inches. The zipper works great, it is very clean and there are no rips or tears.

AUCTION END: Aug-24-08 23:00:00 PDT (4 days 14 hours)

Get this clutch.


Also, I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting. Among other things, I've been busy setting up the Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion MySpace page which you can view here. There's also a button in the sidebar that takes you directly to the page. Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Indie Designer Spotlight - Acrylicana

A list of things that would typically make cute themes for jewelry:

Cake, yes.
Fruit, definitely.
Ice cream, yeah.
Sushi, sure why not?
Blue poo.....huh?

That last one doesn't sound like it would be an ideal subject for women's fashion accessories but I've found a designer who can, in the words of Tim Gunn, "make it work."

Mary Winkler, the creative mind and talent behind Acrylicana, is a freelance illustrator and designer currently based in the Metro Detroit area.

specializes in jewelry, accessories, shoes, paper goods, toys, and much more.

Mary uses materials such as plastic, canvas and paint to make any items that can be printed, and occasionally sculpted, from her unique and humorous illustrations.

Many of the subjects for Acrylicana items are things we love like desserts, hearts and cute, girlie bows. However, there are also a few unconventional, less-than-desirable subjects such as coloured excrement and toilet paper, but Mary even manages to make those look totally cute and wearable!

In the Acrylicana Shop Announcement on Etsy, Mary tells her customers that "Handmade items are best when cared for as little treasures" and that is exactly what
Acrylicana items are - little treasures.

Mary has been drawing, painting and crafting things since she could hold a crayon, so she says that Acrylicana is just an extention of that. The label is also the basis of her career as an illustrator and designer.

Mary draws inspiration for her Acrylicana designs from a specific group of art styles and well-known personalities.

"I simply love Erte, Charlie Harper, and Hugh Hefner. The design sense of Harper, the fabulous fashion and lovely ladies of Erte, and the business sense of Hef -- I aspire to combine that in my work and really, looking at it, need to push forth so much more with that in mind.

I also really get inspired by cartoons from the 30's and 40's, pop art from around the world, and fashion."

The price range of Acrylicana items currently in stock is from US$1 to US$120.

Visit the
Acrylicana Etsy shop to see more delightful merchandise or to buy something of your own!

Everybody gettin' high-waisted

It seems as though the high waist trend has been around forever, but it's obviously not going anywhere anytime soon either. High waisted pants and skirts are still appearing on the bodies of women everywhere who desire to hide their torsos and make their legs appear miles longer than they really are.

Evidence of the immense popularity of the high waist look is especially apparent on Copenhagen Street Style where these four ladies below, as well as others, are wearing high waisted outfits in posts on the front page alone.

photo courtesy

Still, I always find it so fascinating how one look or trend can be interpreted in totally different ways. I think the fact that there are many high waisted styles to choose from is what has, thus far, prevented this trend from going stale.

Lauren Conrad, Duffy, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie all wear different styles of high-waisted bottoms that reflect their individual tastes and personalities.

photos courtesy,, and

If you're still feeling this trend as well, here is a variety of high waisted pant and skirt styles that may appeal to you.

Brown Belted Skirt
Price: US$39.00