Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cool Vintage Finds - Sparkle Sequins!

Like a magpie, I have always been drawn to shiny materials and sequins are definitely at the top of the list.

Sequins are the perfect hybrid of two big trends for fall, metallics and textured fabrics. They have been featured heavily on many Fall 2008 runways including Preen, Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane and Zac Posen.

photo courtesy style.com

The word sequin actually comes from the Arabic sikka which means coin or die. Monetary sequins were first produced in Venice in 1284 where they were known as zecchino. The French changed the Venetian spelling to sequin and this is the form used in English. Sequins were also introduced as the unit of currency in Turkey since 1478 and in Malta in 1535. Today however, sequin coins are no longer being produced or circulated in these countries.

Below is a photo of the Venetian zecchino.

photo courtesy cngcoins.com

The custom of using sequin coins as embellishment first began with wealthy families who would sew the coins onto their clothing as a proud display of their affluence.

The disk-shaped beads that are used on clothing today have nothing more than decorative value however. Sequinned clothing has been worn by many people around the world including various, well-known female entertainers.

Below are Edna May in 1890, Joan Crawford in 1934, Elizabeth Taylor in 1967 and Cher, possibly the most avid sequin wearer of all, in 1972.

photos courtesy gettyimages.com

Below are some great vintage sequinned items guaranteed to bring some sparkle into your life and wardrobe!

Sequin Ballet Dress
Price: US$36.00

Seller Description:

This quirky little party dress combines two great details; floral and sequin. Fitted bodice with a float away circle skirt, its perfect with flats or heels. V-neck in front and back, fully lined and totally cute. This dress does have some small spots with missing sequin, however, I secured the sequin around the areas to prevent further loss. Its an XS according to the label but can fit a small-chest SM. Absolutely adorable.

Great condition

Wine, violet, gold & hunter floral on black background. Clear sequin overlay.

Size: XS

100% Polyester

bust: 32"
waste: 25"
hips: 47"
length: 33.5"
circumference of hem: 60"

Get this dress.

Rock and Roll All Night - Black Sequin Heels - Size 7
Price: US$25.00

Seller Description:

For your resident minx, check out these absolutely spectacular Italian Maserati heels. Size 7, though would fit a smaller 7.5 narrow as well.

Completely black sequined with gold beaded swirl design with the exception of the 3" heel which is straight black. There is some interior peeling but the exterior is flawless.

Pert, sassy and shockingly cute on your feet.

Get these shoes.

Vintage 80s White Sequins Vest
Price: US$25.00

Seller Description:

Vintage 80s white SEQUINS vest

Great vintage condition(except for 3 sequins that have some black scratches on them-in last picture)


approx. size: one size
chest: 20"
waist: 20"
hips: 21"
total length: 25"

Get this vest.

Vintage 1950's Ladies' Headband Hat, Pink Sequins
Starting Bid: US$4.99

Seller Description:

Super little sequin headband hat from the 1950's. Perhaps was a bridesmaid's or prom headpiece. Light pink, slightly iridescent sequins stitched onto a criss-cross wire form (wire is covered with a white fabric) makes it flexible to fit any head. About 2¾" wide at top center, measures 13¼" end-to-end. Some of the sequins show just a tiny bit of wear, but not visible unless scrutinized closeup. Some slight wear on inside edge, at the ends where there is white fabric covering the wires. Still, overall very nice condition!

AUCTION END: Aug-25-08 16:40:30 PDT (5 days 7 hours)

Get this headband.

Vintage Fab 80s Sequin Stretch Belt
Price: US$6.00

Seller Description:

***Was $9, now on sale for $6.***

Royal blue sequin stretchy belt with gold-tone hook closure. No size indicated. Belt measures 23" unstretched and will stretch up to about 34".

Great vintage/pre-loved condition.

Get this belt.

Vintage Mexican Hand Painted Matadors Sequin Skirt
Starting Bid: US$49.99

Seller Description:

Vintage Mexican handpainted skirt from the 1950's that has a stunning Matador and Bull fight scene on it! Also the waist is XS which seems to be hard to come by with some of these skirt..the material is a classic canvas backed black velvet with multi-colored fight scenes.

There is some slight wear to the velvet on the waist (rubbed off a bit), some slight cracking in paint which is indicative to age, and the has 95% of the sequins.

MEASUREMENTS: up to 25" waist, free hips, about 140" diameter, and 27" length.

AUCTION END: Aug-26-08 18:46:00 PDT (6 days 10 hours)

Get this skirt.

Vintage Pocketbook, Clutch, American Sequins, La Regale
Starting Bid: US$9.99

Seller Description:

You are bidding on a vintage purse manufactured in China using American sequins. It measures 9 X 4.5 inches. The zipper works great, it is very clean and there are no rips or tears.

AUCTION END: Aug-24-08 23:00:00 PDT (4 days 14 hours)

Get this clutch.


Also, I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting. Among other things, I've been busy setting up the Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion MySpace page which you can view here. There's also a button in the sidebar that takes you directly to the page. Hope to see you there!


Budget Babe said...

i used to figure skate and loved the costumes most of all, hence i adore sequins. i have a fab sequin dress that i may have to post now that you've brought up the topic... :)

Sugar Pop said...

I always thought sequins were sort of tacky. But, you've sort of changed my perception of them! I love the last skirt!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

me too! i swear i'm like a bird always becoming completely mesmerized by anything shiny. i'm totally loving that pink, sequined headband!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi danz-a totally fabulous post!! I found a black vintage sequin waistcoat (vest) a few months ago for only £1 and can't wait to wear it!! I love this last clutch-totally divine! This is a trend that is totally timeless and stylish!

Anjeanette said...

How do you have the time to so carefully research all of your posts?! Love your blog!


Hi Danz!

So interesting to learn about the history of sequins. Thanks for this great post!



i love love love sequins! always a winner.


we wear things said...

i adore sequins.. i just need to figure out how to pull it off in a more casual way..


fashion herald said...

What incredible finds, and I love the sequined coins history, I want some! Plus, those first sequin photos from the runway show just how wonderful sequins can be.

Cammila said...

More cool backstory! I had no idea about the origin of the word! I have a beret with like, giant fish-scale type sequins and I NEVER wear it. I need to go dig it out!

WendyB said...

I love those Mexican skirts.

Songy said...

You've done it again. I learn something new every time I visit your blog.

I do have an unusual not so shiny piece embellished some sort of chain-mail look. your post made me think.. gave me some inspiration for my next post. :)


Anonymous said...

Love the history and my fav in sequins is shoes )))

Cate said...

wow girl, i had never imagined that they already wore sequins in 1890! and i LOVE the sequin ballet dress! it looks so good on the model... i just don't know of an occasion where I could wear it..
and the mexican hand painted skirt is an amazing piece of work!!! and i WANT the vintage pocketbook..!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I read your comment in regards to the interview I gave to style-spot.blogspot.com and I wanted to thank you for what you said!! :)

Richel said...

I love the dress!


Hi from Paris Danz,
thank you very much for your kind words in my Paris street style blog.
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keep on being a delight for your readers, friends and family.
Cheers from Paris

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all things shiny and sparkly i love! how fab is the white sequin waistcoat!

Jenny H. said...

i am suchhh a sucker for sequins.

aka i want to buy everything you have listed.

The Seeker said...

Love how you always have great historical information.
And great finds, I like sequins a lot.


Lil Midget said...

gorgeous! bit of a pain to wash tho :P

Terren said...

love that sequin dress!

enc said...

Sequins always make me happy. I like them super zany and bright on dresses, and there's a pair of Miu Miu or Prada pumps this season that are done really well with sequins. For myself, I like them more subtle.

Bargain Fashionista said...

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE SEQUIN Ballet Dress you have featured in this post...!! Now I must go look for something similar!

p said...

the mexican skirt is to die for

Imelda Matt said...

What fool would sell that matador skirt? I'd have it framed and mounted above the fire place! In fact I might just bit on it...hope I'm not to late!