Friday, May 23, 2008

Fashion Inspiration - Vivid Colour

I've always loved wearing bright colours because of the way they instantly make me feel more alive and confident. My outfit post below was inspired by all the lovely, bold colours I've been seeing everywhere that will be even more prominent when summer arrives.

Some of my inspiration came from the Resort 2009 collections which were subdued for the most part but colour intensity was seen here and there such as on the runways of Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta.

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Colour was outstanding on the red carpets and at other events at the Cannes Film Festival. Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek and Dita von Teese looked positively stunning in their gorgeous, highly saturated dresses.

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These fashionable ladies on various street style and personal fashion blogs show they're not afraid of wearing the boldest of colours, whether in the form of a dress or separates.

There was the lovely lady in pink from France (
Garance Doré), the wonderfully stylish Silje from Norway looked divine in a red dress (Silje's Fashion), California girl Lulu worked a funky yellow top (Lulu's chic blog), New York fashion stylist Julie Ragolia was chic in a green skirt (The Sartorialist), Copenhagen girl looked cool in a purple skirt (Copenhagen Street Style) and in Austin, Texas, this lady was beautiful in a blue and purple dress on a night out (Austin Style Watch).

These guys also show their lack of intimidation when it comes to wearing bright colours.

The picture of confidence in a purple suit in Munich (Style Clicker), a stylish blue short trench in Paris (Street Peeper) and a pair of bold red jeans in New York (Street Peeper).

In this gorgeous editorial spread from the May/June issue of V Magazine, models Jessica Stam, Doutzen Krous and Lily Donaldson look extra radiant in brightly hued clothing and accessories.

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You can bring some colour into your life and style with these items below.

Stop Staring Vintage Reproduction 1940s Pleated Skirt
Price: US$

Shop in Style Turquoise Flare Skirt
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I apologize for the exceptionally long post today but I had a lot of inspiration to share!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi danz-yes a very inspirational post-it immediately uplifts you when you have a bright colour on!! Love the nine west shoes and the yellow clutch!!

rohit said...

no sentences or no words i get to write after i saw your blog , nice blog , i suppose are you very busy with your work ,these lines is saying by your work , nice work you have done.

keep it up in forward direction

god bless you
take care
have a good day
sweet dreams
god bless you

diamondcanopy said...

Wow awesome bright colours, I love all your picks but that last turquoise skirt is sooo sweet!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Wonderful colors...difficult to choose a favorite...cheers H

Anonymous said...

very inspirational post, i love color, especially wearing it!

enc said...

Everybody's into the Dior collection right now. I love all these bright colors.

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for all the inspiration! I love it!

AlicePleasance said...

I love long posts and colors, so this one is really inspirational! I like total black or bold shades of greay for me!
The yellow clutch and the flare skirt in the last photos are really nice :-)

Ida said...

I love bright colors, just like you. Emerald in particular - I find it so refreshing&classy at the same time:)

Kira Fashion said...


amazing post!!!
you are in my links of the day!

a kiss for you dear!

Lil Midget said...

I'm not a fan of bold colours, but I do agree many people look awesome in them!
I looove the purples!!


Nicole said...

i love bright colors-like you said they always just make you feel so good when you put them on.

Since i read your post i found and ordered that orange Full Skirt Cotton Dress...i hope it looks as nice when it comes =)

thanks for that post or else i wouldnt have found that dress

molly said...

i love how bright colours just warm up your mood instantly! great post

Danz said...

Thank you everyone for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

Kira - Thanks for the link!

Ida and lil midget - Emerald and purple are beautiful, in fact, I love all jewel tones!

Nicole - I'm really happy I was able to help you find that dress. I love it when people benefit in some way from my posts and it bet you'll look gorgeous in it!

Violetwired said...

So right. Color = awesome.

soph said...

ooh i love all your colourful picks, especially the blue dress and yellow clutch!

The Seeker said...

Thank you dear for being at my blog and left nice words.

I also love bright colours and when I don't wear at least one is because my mood is down or just if I want a classic look.

I'm so in love with your blog and your style.
I'm going to link you right now.

I would be flatared if you consider to exchange links.


Anonymous said...

Love bright colours. But THESE colours left me speechless. So nice and fresh~

Daiane said...

great post! i can't live without vivid colors!

Siljesfashion said...

Great post!! Please correct, I am from NORWAY! Love the Dior collection and the clutch.
xoxo Silje

vogued out!!! said...

Those yellow shoes make me happy.