Friday, April 4, 2008

Indie Designer Spotlight - Xlique

It's not often that I get really dressed up to go out to someplace fancy, but on the occasion that I do, I like to look fabulous. Even though I love large jewelry, there are some smaller pieces that speak just as loudly but in a totally different way.

Xlique (pronounced sleek) is a Singapore-based independent label that features women's accessories, mainly earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All the items are 'lovingly handmade by two best friends with a penchant for all things pretty and unique'.

The beautiful designs of Xlique include wire pendants/necklaces with Swarovski crystals, precious stones, and some cute charms which are used to give each piece character.
They believe in individuality, and that every one of their creations is not only elegant and gorgeous, but also tells a story.

The prices for their one of a kind pieces range from US$2 to US$50 and they ship internationally.

Click here to go to the Xlique store to see what gorgeous, funky pieces they have in stock.