Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cool Vintage Finds - Go-go Mod

There are many kinds of clothes that I would like to wear but never get the chance to for various reasons. For one, living in Barbados limits the types of clothing I can wear drastically so that I don't end up being burnt alive. Also, I spend probably 99.5% of my time either at college or at home (what a sad existence...), so I don't really go anywhere very often to wear the good stuff, even if I had access to it. So I am pretty much convinced that even if you can't get great clothing, at least getting some amazing, unique accessories will help make your outfits stand out a lot more.

That's why I love clothing and accessories from the 60s! They are sooo cute and fun, they can inject a punch into any dull wardrobe. It was so hard to pick from all the great 60s accessories I found that I couldn't just feature one, so I picked three cool items you might be interested in.

1960s Silver Lamé Boots

Size: 6 b
Width: 2 ¾"
Length: 9.5" outer toe to heel
Heel: 3"
Height: 8"

Grade "A"

Click here to get them!

Ship and Shore Pink and Yellow Psych Scarf

10" x 44", 100% polyester chiffon vintage scarf in excellent condition.

Get this great, funky scarf here.

Modular Bag

Condition - Great except for marks inside bag
Measurements - Height 5.5", Width 8.5"

this link to get this amazing, gorgeous bag.
(N.B. There is no direct link to the bag. Go to the accessories page to find it.)

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