Thursday, November 18, 2010

Like it or not? - PJ by Peter Jensen Bunny Sweater

Price: US$88.00

Some may find it adorable, some may think it a bit odd and infantile. I personally prefer my bunnies multiplied and scattered in pattern form rather than one gigantic rabbit mug on the front of my clothing. Also, there's a chance people won't even notice your own face if it's competing with this massive woven beast. Sure it looks warm and cozy, but is the large bunny head a bit too much of a good thing or is it just right?


elnz said...

You might not believe in me, but I seriously love that bunny sweater of yours. Such a very cute bunny...~_~

Boys Suits said...

It looks like normal jacket to me but when the bunny put it on it creates a fashion jacket. I don't know what others say but for me it's perfect to look at.