Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get the look: Plus Size Edition

Being a curvy size 18 myself, I can understand the frustration many women over size 12 feel when it comes to finding plus-size outfit ideas that perfectly fits both our style and our bodies.

Runways, magazines and even the majority of blogs are inundated with images of impossibly thin women in the miniest of minis or second-skin trousers, looking effortlessly stylish, and as much as we love what she's wearing, it can be difficult to imagine it on ourselves. I can't tell you how to get her body (I assume you're happy with yours anyway!) but I can help you figure out how to get a plus-size version of her style.

First, you need to know that not every outfit can be successfully translated into plus-size but there quite a few that can and it just takes a bit of careful analysis to figure out which. In order to know if an outfit can work for your body, you need to first understand what your body shape is. Here is a very informative visual guide that can help you figure out exactly what shape you are.

Once you know what your shape is, the next thing you need to do is examine the silhouette of the outfit. Particularly for larger-sized bodies, it's important to have balance when it comes to clothing. If you have wide hips, wearing a spaghetti strap top with a harem trousers is only going to make them look wider. Similarly, if you have a large bust, wearing a frilly high-neck top with pencil skirt will definitely place more emphasis on that area. And while those baggy, shapeless tops definitely cover those mid-section lumps and bumps, they often make us look equally baggy and shapeless.

When analyzing an outfit, ask yourself questions such as:

Which areas are being downplayed and which are being highlighted?
Does it nip in at the waist to create a more balanced, hourglass silhouette?
How does colour/pattern work to attract or detract from certain areas?

Generally, the easiest looks to translate to plus-size are the ones with somewhat basic, layered items with one or two statement pieces thrown in that take it to the next level.

I've selected three street style insiration outfits below and found some very stylish items to help you create the plus-size version of each look.


photo courtesy cosmopolitan.hr


Simple Sparkle Stripe Tank

Price: US$7.79

Long Sleeve Lightweight Cardigan
Price: US$59.50

Moroccan Market Scarf
Price: US$24.99

ASOS CURVE Chino Trousers
Price: UK£28.00 (US$48.27)


photo courtesy refinery29.com


Black Shrunken Rolled-Sleeve Blazer
Price: US$52.00

Frill Neck Dress
Price: US$58.00

Price: UK£35.00 (US$55.55)


photo courtesy carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle


Price: UK£39.50 (US$62.74)

Price: US$20.99

Price: US$38.00


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