Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Dress Days

Valentino once said, “Women usually prefer to wear black at events because it makes them feel safe, however, if there’s one woman wearing red, she will inevitably be the eye-catcher of the evening. It’s as though the room is suddenly illuminated- simply perfect for a grand-entrance”.(Source)

The designer would know as he has been an expert at creating beautiful and iconic red dresses for over 25 years and even has his own trademark red known as rosso Valentino.

photo courtesy lightswitchclothing.com

The reason why some women may be intimidated by the idea of wearing red is because the color is so bold and conveys many meanings. Red is frequently associated with guilt, sin, love, anger, passion, lust and love which are all very strong emotions.

As attention grabbing as the color is, red doesn't only work on ultra sexy, glamorous dresses as it can be just as effective on sweet, girlie dresses.

Red dresses have also been a huge part of cinema with confident, sassy female characters donning the color in a variety of silhouettes.

Below are Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton in Funny Face (1957), Kelly Le Brock as Charlotte in The Woman in Red (1984) and Nicole Kidman as Satine in Moulin Rouge! (2001).

photos courtesy princessmonkey.com, adorocinema.com and allposters.com

These confident ladies on the street show their individual ways of wearing red dresses, each dress and how it is styled communicating something different and unique about its wearer.

photos courtesy styleslicker.wordpress.com, facehunter.blogspot.com and

Inject some bold color into your wardrobe with any of the lovely red dresses below.

Coat Dress
Price: UK £35.00 (US$68.35)
BB Dakota 'The Custom Dress'
Price: US$40.00

By the way, I'd like to thank everyone again for offering congratulations for reaching 100 posts. You are all amazing and your kind words mean so much to me. Thank you :)


thesil said...

Excellent post!Love the outfit of the girl with the red dress and blue ballerinas!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Danz-I haven't a plain red dress and I'm absolutely coveting one-I also want red patent heeled shoes or sandals too! Oh well, two on the wishlist now!!

fashion herald said...

love the last one and the urban outfitters, great post!

Kira Fashion said...

hi sweetie!

great post!
the red dress is a sexy classic and thanks to valentino!

a kiss!

Katelin said...

i seriously want all of those dresses.

CoutureCarrie said...

That Lux dress is so interesting - and affordable! I heart this post! Did you see the Tony awards coverage? . . . ladies in red: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/06/15/theater/20080616_CARPET_SLIDESHOW_index.html

xoxox CC

fmg said...

I can't help but think of the chris de burgh song too!

Chelsea Rae said...

I love the color red, but for some reason I don't have a red dress. I have red skinnies that I love though!

Winnie said...

Damn I need a red dress!

Love the sweetheart bustier dress! so cute.

Shen-Shen said...

I really adore red dresses.. If you're going to a party, why WOULDN'T you want to stand out?

I also heard that red denotes power.. And allows you to intimidate others more easily.

Laurel said...

Hey you hotface! How are you, bb? I am loving red right now, too. I picked up a really great super-red nail polish and Gap v-neck that are so great for summer. Did you see that awesome Valentino rose bag on Cheryl's blog, too? Sigh...so pretty!

I hope you're doing well, babe!! (Uhm, can you believe the amazing turn-out for VMag? It's because of you loveliesss!

Muahhhh! xoxoxox

That Girl said...

The Red dress is such a statement piece i love it! Everyone should have one, just like a LBD.


Psyche said...

How fascinating...I just happen to be wearing red today too!

The Seeker said...

Yes, there're many women who are afraid of red.

As you might guess ;) I love red!!
And these are great finds.

Great post as always darling.


Nay'Chelle said...

The picture of Valentino with all of hte dresse is really cool, and I love the red UO dress.

And yes, I would like to rtade links.

enc said...

Aaaaaah, red!

jess said...

i didn't know valentiono had his own shade of red

Diana said...

Your welcome. I love Valentino, he makes masterpieces. If I ever get a hold of one of his gowns I'm going to frame it and have it hung in my closet.

Debbie Shiamay said...

This post is super. I'm delighted to Xchange links with u! Your blog is worth reading every second!

Imelda Matt said...

my second favorite colour (after blue) but is best left to my feet, because it makes my head look like I'm about to explode! i think you'll agree this is not a becoming look for a despot!

Anonymous said...

Love red and all your dresses are adorable. Really great selection!!!

Fashion Addict said...

I find it hard to wear red like many other women, but actually I've never considered it. I don't even own a red dress right now, so I guess that's why!

saray said...

great post..
I really like the red dress from Sweetheart Bustier..

Danz said...

thanks thesil!

I know what you mean Sharon, I've been wanting a pair of red pumps for a long time!

thank you fashion herald :)

thanks Kira! Definitely much thanks to Valentino and his beautiful work!

Haha katelin, I know it's hard to pick just one!

Thanks Carrie! I didn't see that but I'll check it out :)

fmg, haha yea, I was humming that the whole time while doing this post!

Red skinnies! Sounds hot! No wonder you love them :)

Oh, the sweetheart bustier dress is so you, winnie!

I agree Shen-Shen, no wallflowers here! Red is definitely a powerful color, Hilary Clinton even wore red suits when she was campaigning.

Hey Laurel! I'm great sweetie, you? Those things you bought sound great, especially the nail polish! I haven't painted my nails in a while but I think I'm gonna try a bold color for the summer! Yeah, that Valentino bag had me drooling..so gorgeous!! You're climbing ranks so fast I can hardly keep up! :D We're all happy to help you luv!

I agree that girl, a great red dress is a definite must-have!

Haha psyche, interesting coincidence!

Oh, I know you aren't afraid of any color, seeker, you're the color QUEEN! Thanks a lot dear, glad you liked it :)

Great nay'chelle, I'll get right on it :)

hey enc, yesssssssss red!hehe

Hi jess, I didn't know either until I researched this post! I'm always learning something new!

Oh no, Diana, I'd at least have to wear it once! A Valentino is too good to just sit there and catch dust!:)

Thanks so much debbie! You're a real sweetheart :)

Hey, Imelda, I'm a blue fanatic too! It's such a gorgeous color! Lol, oh no my dear, a swollen head just won't do! You're way too fabulous for that!

Thanks very much angel!

You should give it a try sometime fashion addict, you never know, you may end up liking it!

Thanks saray!

Belowen said...

you have inspired me to begin the search for the perfect red dress!! xx

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

a red dress is always a winner...fantastic picks

Lena said...

I LOVE red dresses!

aziza said...

I am madly in love with that Fred Flare dress.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Nothing like a smokin' red dress. I like the lot of 'em. They're all gorgeous. I think I'm particularly drawn to the red coat dress. Viva la sophistication!

Thanks for visiting me and aren't those shoes the boooommmmb?