Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cool Vintage Finds - Order of the Elephant

Don't you just love it when you get style inspiration from other bloggers? I've been getting quite a lot lately and this post from the very lovely Sharon Rose (thank you dahling!) about sea life prints is the most recent. Now it wasn't exactly direct inspiration, as today's post has nothing to do with the sea, but it did get me thinking about what other rare and unusual motifs are out there.

When I'm on ebay, I tend look at and save a lot more items that I can ever possibly purchase and then forget about them. I went on the site yesterday and saw that I had saved an elephant print dress because I thought it looked interesting and unusual at the time. So I thought it would be cool to make the elephant motif the theme for today's 'Cool Vintage Finds'.

Not surprisingly, this motif was mostly prevalent during the 60s and 70s when hippies were fascinated with other cultures, largely those from eastern Asia where the elephant is a sacred symbol in many of those countries.

Get on the
hippie trail with these elephant motif items below.

Vintage 70s Cute Elephant Gold Brass Charm Necklace
Starting Bid: AU $8.00 (US$7.51)

Seller Description:

The necklace is featuring a cute vintage charm of elephant pendant. It is antique brass oxidized finish, which is then lacquered. The charm is from probably 1960-70 era and has a bit tarnished to show it's aging.

Pendant Size: 26mm (H) and 21mm (widest). Pendant Materials: vintage brass ox. Chain Length: 420mm vintage patina brass chain.

AUCTION END: Jun-18-08 06:05:24 PDT (2 days 20 hours)

Get this necklace.

Blue and Gold Elephant Batik Sleeveless Dress
BUY-IT-NOW Price: AU$5.99 (US$5.62)

Seller Description:

Gorgeous Navy Blue & Gold BATIK PRINT Sleeveless Sun Dress
100% Cotton
Made in Thailand
Cute little dress with fabric tie belt at back of dress, slip on style

Condition : excellent

Measurements (double for accuracy)U/arm-U/arm : 52cmWaist : freeLength : 96cm

Get this dress.

Vintage 60s Handmade Leather Embossed Elephant Purse Bag
BUY-IT-NOW Price: US$10.39

Seller Description:

This auction is for a Vintage HANDMADE Leather Purse. Leather is in very good condition for its age. It features embossed color prints of Elephants and other scense from India or Africa. Measures approximately 5" x 4" x 2".

Get this bag.

Vintage Hippie Boho Ethnic Elephant Empire Sun Dress
Starting Bid: US$14.99
BUY-IT-NOW Price: US$55.00

Seller Description:

This vintage dress is so cute! Gray with turquoise blue print of elephants and other little cosmic adornments. Cute little straps. Zips up the back Has cute little empire waist tie in front.

Very good vintage condition.

Measurements (double)
Bust: 30/31", Waist: Up to 30";smaller when ties are cinched, Hips: 37", Length: 52"

AUCTION END: Jun-18-08 19:00:00 PDT (3 days 9 hours)

Get this dress.

Vintage Square Head Scarf Bandana Elephant
Starting Bid: US$0.99

Seller Description:

This is a square 21" head scarf or bandana. Feels like polyester. Has elephants on it. No stains or holes noted.

AUCTION END: Jun-21-08 09:40:14 PDT (5 days 23 hours)

Get this scarf.

Vintage Cotton Indian Ethnic Elephant Dolly Blouse
Current Bid: US$12.30

Seller Description:

Fresh white cotton is crafted into an adorable, slim-fitting sleeveless blouse with a perfectly cute peter pan/dolly collar. Indian-style elephants parade about in warm shades of yellow, orange and purple. Looks amazing worn solo, belted or tucked into your favourite bottom.

Chest: 36", Waist: 32", Length: 23"

Condition: EXCELLENT (no flaws)

AUCTION END: Jun-17-08 18:09:41 PDT (2 days 8 hours)

Get this blouse.

Vintage 80s Safari Metal Elephant Animal Chain Link Belt
Starting Bid: US$9.99

Seller Description:

Get wild…with our Sick Thrift safari elephant chain link belt!!! Belt is made in an antique bonze tone metal!!! Features five 3” wide elephants charms linked together with adjustable chain hock closure!!! Goes great worn over anything from swim wear, high waist skirts to mini dresses!!!

Width: 37” long from end to end
Total length of elephant portion: 18”
height: 2”

Condition: Perfect!!!

AUCTION END: Jun-17-08 19:30:00 PDT (2 days 9 hours)

Get this belt.


Paris said...

I love the shirt, it's so unusual! I love the way that you pick a subject like the elephant and then find lovely clothing and accessories that are based around it and talk about it's place in fashion history etc, these always stick in my mind! xx

Heart in a cage said...

I've linked you;)

Times of Glory said...

Danz, I never notice how beautiful elephant print can be! They are soooo pretty, cute and elegant! I cannot stop thinking about that babydoll blouse! It is soooooooo sweet xx

p said...

i love elephants! reminds me of my elephant earrings actually.

Laurel said...

Ciao, lovah! How is your Sunday? I am loving this elephant post, thanks for the pointers! I'm really digging the 'Dolly Blouse' - the colors are wonderful.

Guess what!? 449 votes, rank: 17!!!!

Muahmuahmuah!! xo

Wendy said...

The gray elephant dress is so cute!

Jenny H. said...

thanks so much :)

i lovee the first dress and the headscarf :)

Anonymous said...

ultra elephant cuteness :-) great job.



Sugar Pop said...

those are ADORABLE. who thought tough, huge ass elephants would be so cute??? i love the bandana...and all the jewellrey of course.

Owner of this space ;) said...

oh wow - they are so different and quirky i love them! great finds - and weldone to sharon rose for being the muse of this post! lovely work - x

Angie hearts said...

wo hooo!!! finally some "elephant" Fashion..
I love designs with all those animal motive and prints

enc said...

Those are VERY cute. I love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

love the necklace!!

and actually i havent heard that i look like Michelle Rodriguez usually i hear rosario dawson but michelle is george also!! ill take it

Caroline said...

I NEED THAT NECKLACCCCCE. no i dont even think you understand. its perfect and what i've been looking for since last year. ahhh!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi darling danz-thats so lovely for you to mention me in your excellent post-thanks very much!! Some very inspirational finds, as usual and my personal faves are the last dolly blouse and the vintage scarf-very nice indeed!!

Miss at la Playa said...

I love elephants! They are very elegant

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love it!!

the animal prints are back!!from under the sea to the wild jungle!!

Imelda Matt said...

I love it when you throw up these random 'trend posts', they really make me stop and think (like the hieroglyphics bag you bought).

Ida said...

I bought a necklace with an elephant just a week ago! I didn't realize at the time it had such vintage appeal but I do now:)) Plus, elephants are supposed to bring luck.

yiqin; said...

Your posts are awlays so interesting! I never knew elephant prints on clothes can be so amazing. I especially adore the blouse! So adorable :)

Pamcasso said...

love the elephants, I'll have to dig out a silver elephant necklace I have!

Psyche said...

Oh my. You've got to email this post to Secretista!!

design for mankind. said...

OMG that blouse is FANTASTIC! :)

jess said...

i like the necklace

LML said...

hmm... im liking the elephant motif!

Sunniva said...

ooo such an inspiring post ! i especially love the elephant jewelry..gorgeous!


The Seeker said...

What a great and peculiar post. Great finds. I have nice feelings about elephants, they give luck.
I specialy like the jewelry, is so lovely.

Thank you darling for your kind words in my blog, you're a sweetie :)


Secretista said...





Anonymous said...

Elephants are so coolllll!!!

Danz said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting.

Thanks Paris :)

hey Times of Glory, I hadn't thought about it in that way either until I saw the dress! I looked around for some more stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. I guess we learn something new everyday :)

p, elephant earrings? I want!

Hey Laur, yeah the Dolly Blouse is really pretty!

you're welcome jenny h :)

thanks danny daily!

Haha Sugar Pop, apparently they clean up pretty well!

Thanks owner of this space!

hey emma, michelle and rosario? lucky you!

caroline, well I definitely hope you get it! Happy bidding :)

oh you're welcome sharon rose, and thank you!

Thanks Imelda, I'm really glad these posts are able to inspire that kind of reaction :)

Ida, I'll definitely want to see some photos of that necklace!

thanks so much yiqin!

haha Psyche, I let her know about it ;)

thanks sunniva :)

oh, thank you very much seeker! yes, elephant are lovely animals!
you're welcome about the comments, they're fully deserved! :D

LOL Secretista! If I find anymore elephant stuff, you'll be the first to know!