Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Styled It Better?

During the course of this blog (and for quite a while before), I have spent a great deal of time browsing various online stores for the best prices on great clothing. One thing that strikes me every time I visit these stores is the styling of the clothing - whether it is on the home page or the individual item pages.

Topshop home page.

I usually prefer when items are shown on a model and attractively styled rather than flat against a white background. It helps me to get a better idea of how the item would look if I were to purchase it and see the possibilities of how it could be worn.

Despite not being able to afford most of the items on designer websites, I still enjoy browsing through them to ogle the gorgeous clothes for sale.

Usually if an item is offered on more than one site, the price will be practically the same wherever it's sold. Therefore each store needs to make their item seem more appealing to potential customers and this is achieved through interesting styling.

Items from eLUXURY's Spring 2009 page.

Online store styling may not always be the most creative or groundbreaking but it is important that it focusses on highlighting the best aspects of the garment whether it be fabric, colour, construction or special details, while also paying attention to other things such as accessories, hair and makeup (the last two apply if it is shown on a model rather than a mannequin).

I have picked out a few items from different stores below for comparison. Which of these items would you choose based on the styling alone?


(L), (R) DJPremium



(L) Bergdorf Goodman, (M), (R) Cusp




(L), (R)


(L) Krista K Boutique, (R) eLUXURY


(L), (M) Urban Outfitters, (L)


None of these do it for you? Tell me how you would have styled them in the comments!


Maiden Rapture said...

I love that scalloped Chloe skirt. I'd wear it with charcoal grey tights, pointy black high heeled ankle boots, a simple ivory low cut tank top, tailored black blazer and a blue plaid long scarf! ;)

Farren said...

An area that online stores ignore is sandals and shoes. a lot of times they're just thrown against a white background instead of on a foot. It's hard to figure out if you want to buy a shoe or not if it's not on a foot!

fashion herald said...

going through this list made me realize how important a role styling plays, great post!

ambika said...

I *always* find these comparisons fascinating if only to figure out which one I like more and why. There was an interesting talk on TED about glamor and how someone not looking at you, the viewer, can make an object more appealing & 'glamorous.' I definitely think that's at work in the first two pictures.

& I definitely prefer the jeans on a curvier model if only because that's closer to my own shape!

Miranda said...

wow i never even noticed the differences between how retailers display and style things (guess it never crossed my mind...)
the only thing i didn't like was the vwestwood petite jacket

Winnie said...

I think the one that stands out for me is the Chloe skirt with that cream blouse from SAKS fifth aveunue. The bergdorf goodman one doesn't look as appealing at all! I've never thought about this before...definitely right that the way they are presented makes a definite impact on whether we part with our cash or not!

The Seeker said...

I've a little something for you in my blog.


DaisyChain said...

Great post, I've never considered this before now!

Legyviel said...

This is interesting... While I do like to see clothes on a model, the website should really choose a good looking one as I am really fussy with the fit of the clothes, lighting and styling... for example Anlo Jamie jeans look much better on eLuxury model, but does the styling and lighting reveal what the jeans look like irl? also i would prefer styling alexander wang dress on saks website, but the too pale model ruins it for me... not sure if it makes sense but yeah. great post! xxx

WendyB said...

Fun post! I always notice the styling. In the last one, eLuxury is so much better!

Fashion Addict said...

I love browsing online stores, and I must agree with you - models glammed up in nice scenery beats the white background.

Oh and btw, I am hosting a Valentine's Day contest starting tomorrow, so check back at my website if you would like to enter!

Tina :) said...

I am really loving the Chloe scalloped skirt - great styling! And you pointed out a very interesting, and true, fact as well.


ryder said...

regarding topshop, i think new collection will be a hit.

Kelly said...

that red blazer! ooh, that is pretty!

Jenny H. said...

i love the wang combo dress. reallyy want that.

AlicePleasance said...

I have something for you in my blog :-)


darling i love this post as it points out the power of one garment can look different by simple tweaks here and there. usually i never like the styling on a lot of these online sites.honey how are you my sugar? hows your week been?
muah x

Eeli said...

Totally agree on you there. I prefer stlists styling their models infront of a beautiful (but not always elaborate) backdrop. The image as a whole just looks far more appealing than the standard white!

As for your ques dear my exams went pretty alright. I am a huge procrastinater so they weren't as amazing as i would've like but i scraped through :) How did yours go!

As for my pics? Either one would do lol. White/grey backdrop? Any, meh, just any haha

Eeli xoxo

emma said...

for some reason i like everything on the left better except for the dropcrotch pants

-h of candid cool said...

I like to see as many options as possible, both on the flat background and on some form. I like the way Net-a-porter does it.

1. at 1st i said shopbop, but i can see that vest better at djp
2. toss up, but i like the styling @ BG
3. Cusp.
4. Elux
5. NAP, better view of the sleeve.
6. KK B
7. My-W
8. saks

hiking in stilettos said...

Adore that Chloe skirt. Absolutely adore it!
Also, I nominated you for an award, so check out HiS to receive it!

Couture Carrie said...

Really great question, D! One could write a whole book on this topic so I don't want to digresss too much, but I will say that I love the styling on asos and net-a-porter!
Hope you are well, darling!


PrincessImp. said...

Great eye on all these items! I'll have to admit though that even though an item from a website catches my eye due to its styling, it wouldn't necessary mean that I would purchase the item from that website. I guess I am unfaithful that way, but I'll hunt around for the best deal for the same item before spending my money on the purchase.

Madame Dior said...

sigh to the Rag and Bone blazer, the colour is amazing and the Alexander Wang dress is heaven!

Page said...

I love this post!!!

Finding alternatives to styling is always a great insight! Comparison fashion; perfect! It's like those splurge vs. save articles!

Keep it up!

style munch said...

love the elongated blazer and the harem pants
soooo cool