Monday, March 17, 2008

Indie Designer Spotlight - 32lives

Nicole Richie came out to support her boyfriend Joel Madden at the opening party of his DCMA clothing store in West Hollywood on March 14. As many of you may know, Nicole recently gave birth to a baby daughter named Harlow. In honour of her little tot, Nicole wore black circular pendant with a white H in the middle.

ETSY seller 32lives is a jewelry designer who makes a variety of initial pendants, some similar to this one. She also makes necklaces, rings and magnets. All her work is fun, inexpensive and one-of-a-kind. Also, since she takes customized requests, they would be a great gift to anyone with a love of fashion.

The designer says:

“I didn't intend to open a shop on ETSY. I was a customer at first and became increasingly impressed and excited with all the different ways people recycled items and turned them into something unique and fun.

I had saved up lots of wine corks over the years, intending to make a giant cork board out of them and suddenly it hit me to use them as jewelry! It's totally therapeutic for me to make pendants, necklaces and rings in my spare time, which is why I don't charge very much. I never had any idea that it would catch on so quickly!”

Below are some samples of 32lives' cool designs.

Click on the link below to go to 32lives ETSY store:


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