Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fatal Attraction 2 - Statement Jewelry

Oh, how I love statement jewelry! I love it, I love it, I...okay, you get the point. I was born in the late 80s, so technically I cannot be called a child of the 80s since I didn't experience very much of it. The one thing that seemed to have rubbed off on me while I was there, however, is the love of big, bold jewelry. Anyone else out there like me?

I recently purchased this pair of white and gold flower earrings from a garage sale for $2.

I asked my mother, who would remember the 80s vividly, what she thought and she said "they are a bit old fashioned." Maybe they are, but I think they're lovely. Or maybe I was blinded by the beauty of a total bargain. In any case, that's the nature of fashion; many things that seem to be dead and gone make a trendy appearance a few decades later.

You can wear the absolute simplest outfit and pair it with a cocktail ring or a big, sexy earrings and it makes everything a whole lot more interesting. Trust me, statement jewelry can be one of the best conversation starters. With anyone who is willing to listen of course.

Incorporate some bold jewelry into your collection with the pieces below.

#1: Large faceted stone ring - £8.00 (US$17.34)

#2: Zad Matte Tree Ring in Silver - US$8.00

#3: Flower Ring - US$4.80

#1: Short Wood Detail Necklace - £10.00 (US$$21.67)

#2: Metal and Epoxy Necklace - US$9.00

#3: Lucite Petals Necklace - US$4.80

#1: 3 Piece Bone Bangles - US$9.00

#2: Green with Envy Bangle - US$10.00

#3: Rounded Wood Cuff Bracelet - US$5.00


daisybabie said...

The earrings are very pretty. I am aging myself here, but I am, errrr...was a child of the 80s, and there are some items that are making a come back which make me cringe with bad memories. However, there are other items like the loverly bargain find you have here, which reminds one that certain styles are timeless.
Your blog really is quite creative and you have some really great concepts.
Also, one of my bosses is from Antigua and is always saying how beautiful it is on the islands. We could definitely use some extra sunshine and warm weather here in Chicago! Cheers!

Danz said...

Yeah I know what you mean, there are only a few things from the 80s that deserve the time of day again and I hope even less things from the 90s return.

We're actually having some pretty strange weather down here. It's supposed to be dry season yet the rain has been pouring very often. Don't know what's up with that.:S Hopefully, you can visit one of these days, I'm sure you'd have a great time.

Thanks for visiting the blog, I'm glad you like it. Yours is great as well!

I'm glad you like my blog and I'll send some warm vibes your way!