Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Any Fashion Designers want to work for Celine?

That's Shoe/Bag designers to be exact.

I've never posted about fashion job opportunities before but this is such a great one that I felt I had to share it.

photo courtesy taistoisoisbeau.com

French fashion label Celine is offering a paid (£280/week) Shoe/Bag Design internship for six weeks at their offices and studio in London's West End.

The student will be supervised by the Head of Bag Design and could learn about the workings of a busy design studio and the creative design process, and also be an assistant to the Leather Goods department.

This placement is a great opportunity for an organized, flexible student with a fashion background who is seeking hands-on industry experience and is available for an immediate start.

Closing date is ASAP so send your CV and covering letter to g.trembath@uk.celine.com quickly to ensure you get a shot at this job.

All the best to those who apply!

For the original job posting, visit the University of the Arts London website.


Berlin said...

Exactly, it's a futuristic concept =)
Like the high waist pants.


COCAMIA said...

How exciting!!! What an opportunity!

Cheryl Lynn said...

How fabulous of you to post such a inspiring job opportunity. Good for you!

Love you much, have a great day!

daisychain said...

what a great oppurtunity! good luck to anyone who applies.

JuliAM said...

definately not happening for me. but how cool to work with phoebe philo huh?


I love CĂ©line, so beautiful minimalistic style :))))

Tania said...

Woah, whoever wins that is one lucky person! I wish I could enter, but I'm a student in full time education :( And too young to work :D


Winnie said...

That is such a great opportunity, thanks for sharing it! Someone is going to be a very lucky intern!

Erin said...

Oh wow how incredible would that be...specially cause I LOOVE their leather skirts this season (much prefer tan to black)...good idea!

Love love love,