Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Want Right Now - Ear Chain

photo courtesy bikerjewelry.com

photo courtesy wiregems.com

I'm seriously considering getting a helix piercing just so I can wear an ear chain like the ones above. I really love the style but I'd probably prefer them with more/longer chains and in funkier colours. I already have my lobes pierced twice but the only thing I don't like about getting another piercing is the required maintenance afterwards.

I would love to find one that doesn't require another piercing like the one below which just hooks over the top over the ear but no such luck as yet. If any of you knows where I can find one or you make jewelry and you're willing to do a customized one for a reasonable price, please let me know!

photo courtesy youngfatandfabulous.com


Akpomena Rana said...

Great minds think alike. I was just talking about this on my blog. http://akpomenarana.blogspot.com/2010/03/piercing-ambition.html

I want an ear cuff. I might go as far as try to hunt down an arm band for Summer.


SabinePsynopsis said...

They are gorgeous! Especially the one with the koala is so sweet.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Photos are beautiful. Those earrings are like body art. The way they hang is really appealing.

Hope you find the right ones for yourself.

Have a great evening, my dear.

The Seeker said...

Love them all!!
And I understand you about doing other piercing.

Hope all is great with you dear Danz.


COCAMIA said...

Very Very Cool Blog...xx

marian said...

honey try etsy and ebay, i did 2 posts on the same thing a little while ago as below.




womens summer dresses said...

I'm with you there! I love ear chains

Couture Carrie said...

Very cool, D!
Hope you find one you love!

Big hug from CT :)


Winnie said...

I'm not so sure about them myself but after seeing that last pic, wow. Converted.

yiqin; said...

Love the strong lips.

marian said...

happy easter sweetie

Berlin said...

Hi there! It's been quite awhile since I have stopped by your blog hasn't it? I've had less time to check out peoples blogs lately. Anyway, beautiful earrings though I don't have my ears pierced XD And love all your previous posts =)


E said...

That gold piece in the first photo is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Andrea said...

All the ear chains look pretty cool, I think they look best if a person has a short cut or even a shaved head, since there is no hair or anything to distract from the ear chain!

Vivian from Men's Boots said...

The Koala earing is cute, but the chains would just get caught up in my hair. So like the other posters said, good for short hair.