Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Relocation, Relocation

Hey everyone,

My sincerest apologies for being completely MIA over the past few months. At first, this absence began out of lack of inspiration, and then I was busy working on a mural for a preschool which took up all my time and energy.

However, I have some big news I must share with you! I relocated from Barbados to England on November 21 and I've been completely wrapped up in the chaos of settling into a new country.

While this new environment is completely different from the one I grew up in, it's so exciting to experince something new and interesting. It's been quite an adjustment particularly in terms of my wardrobe as many of the clothes I wore in Barbados were suited for tropical weather and are pretty impractical in the cold winter weather. I've had a chance to do some shopping for a few winter wardrobe essentials (coat, jumpers, boots etc.) but it's very basic so far.

In the short time I've been here, I have managed to explore quite a bit and I try to capture memories wherever I go. So far, the only photographic device I have had access to is my mobile phone but I've been making it work.

I attended the Clothes Show Live fashion exhibition in Birmingham on December 5 and it was a really fantastic event. Not only was it full of tons of discounted shopping deals, there was also plenty of entertainment in the form of fashion shows. It was my first time attending any fashion event of that scale and I was especially excited since it was my first time attending a designer fashion show. It was completely exhilarating watching the amazing designs of Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier among others sashay down the runway.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to the Fashion & Textile Museum in London and I'll make sure to take some photos to share with you!

If any of you readers have any suggestions for any other great places to visit in England, I would really appreciate them. Thanks a lot!

Also, take a look at this lovely, atmospheric video of the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 Details. Love, love, love!!


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi my dear, so lovely to hear from you and hope you are keeping well-and warm, LOL!! Sounds like you're settling in just nicely and wishing you a great week ahead too!

Marian said...

darling welcome to the UK,hoping you are finding the relocation ok sweetie.
hope you enjoyed the clothes show! its always great for shopping

marian said...

hope you are settling in well hon xx

Legyviel said...

welcome to England! There are so many cool places, London alone requires at least a couple of weeks for sight-seeing!

marian said...

danz hope you are having happy festive holidays

christina said...

Your time just sounds absolutely lovely! And hooray for the Chanel Details video

Gio Goi Hoodies said...

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